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under control. they're making sure it doesn't flare up again. everyone made it out safely. we have a crew that just got to the scene. a live update in a couple of minutes here. new this morning, flames shooting out of a local apartment complex this morning. dozens of people can't get into their homes. >> also, while you slept, an emotional court hearing for the murder -- we're awaiting a decision from the judge. prince george's county students mourning the loss of a classmate. what a family member tells us may have the bp the motive for the killing of a 15-year-old. a lot of ground to cover this morning. we begin with a cold morning and the possibility of some rain. storm team 4 meteorologist tomorrow kierein here with the forecast. tom sm. >> you can see on storm team 4 radar. there is moisture moving into the mountains. that area of rain is getting closer and a little bit of snow too. as we look at temperatures, it's well above freezing. eer in the mid-30s to upper 30s
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most of virginia and maryland. the upper 30s district of columbia. farther west, where they're getting that snow, maybe sleet, martinsburg toward cumberland, shenandoah valley in the 30s. this is an area of wet snow beginning to move into the southern shenandoah valley. farther north, a combination of a little sleet, wet snow and maybe a little freezing rain from frostburg east through cumberland and to the west of hagerstown. down to near martinsburg panhandle of west virginia. that's moving to the east and passing well north of the metro area. all the counties in lavender are under a winter weather advisory for maybe an inch of snow or sleet. that includes alleghany county. down to central, eastern part of west virginia. there's capitol hill under a cloudy sky now. 38 at reagan national. here's how the day is looking. most of region, the rain is moving in through 9:00, 10:00. through noontime until 4:00. after that, it should be ending.
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temperatures in the hid to upper 40s this afternoon. hometown forecast upper marlboro, prince george's county by noontime low 40s with some rain. grab an umbrella before you head out the door. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at the rest of the day into the evening. that's coming up now. now let's take a look at traffic with danella. >> good morning. the first 4 traffic office still following the earlier crash in columbia, maryland at shaker drive. prior to 29. route 29. your left lane is still blocked at this time because of the crash there. over to 66 eastbound at nutley. an update. the disabled vehicle is in your shoulder lane. your travel lanes are open. i-95, it's that time of morning. out of stafford as you continue the trip towards 234. dumfries road, you are a bit underspeed. travel speeds, we'll check them right now from the occoquan river bridge to the beltway. drive had take you about ten minutes. it's not bad at all. the rails, no report of delays on the metro, marc or vre.
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danella, thank you. flames force at least 60 people from their homes. want o show you cell phone video. this is a two-alarm fire that happened last night in manassas. nearly 100 firefighters called to the scene. they had to back down after part of the roof collapsed. two were taken to the hospital as a precaution. a resident in the hospital for smoke inhalation. this fire under investigation. crews do believe, though, about $300,000 worth of damage was done here. 6:303 now. prince george's county police are looking for answers in the murder of a suitland high school sue dent that happened in broad daylight. megan mcgrath joins us from the high school now with more. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. for the fifth time this year, grief counselors will be inside a prince george's county school helping them cope with the murder of a classmate. today those counselors are going to be here at suitland high school following the murder of a
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15-year-old freshman yesterday afternoon. emotions were running high as relatives heard what happened and they rushed to the scene looking for information from police. police say that the 15-year-old was found lying on the ground near kenton place and 28th avenue in hillcrest heights around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. the family, as you would imagine, very distraught. they say this was not the kind of teenager who got in trouble and wonder if he was targeted for the new shoes he was wearing. >> his tennis shoes. today was the release for new shoes. this area is known for little boys getting jacked for their shoes. they see the little boys with shoes and chase them. stuff happens around here. >> reporter: and police say that they do have some leads in this case. however, no word on any arrests. reporting live in prince george's county. megan mcgrath, news 4. eun, back to you. megan, thank you. a few minutes ago a south african judge ruled that oscar
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pistorius will face the harshest possible charges of premeditated murder. pistorius sobbed as he heard the decision read aloud. we're getting this in from the courtroom. we'll still waiting to learn if he'll be granted bail. although the judge said he would need to display exemplary circumstances for that to happen. in the meanwhile, there are new clues into what may have happened between pistorius and his girlfriend. several south african newspapers reporting investigators are examining an ipad with messages between reeva steenkamp and a rugby player that may have caused some teng. another paper reporting the defense may argue that pistorius was experiencing roid rage from taking performance-enhancing drugs. as he was entering court, his girlfriend was being laid to rest. friends and family gathered for a funeral for reeva steenkamp in the town of port elizabeth. several mourners expressed fear about the possibility he could be released. seven u.s. lawmakers are in
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cuba asking for the release of a maryland man. alan gross is serving a sentence for spying. he says he was bringing internet access to jewish communities there. maryland congressman chris van hollen and six others will meet with cuban leaders to try to free gross. they say his release is the only way to improve ties between the countries. angie goff with breaking news at the live desk. >> we just got word that the president will speak out to urge action to avoid the sequester. today, he'll be joined by emergency response personnel to talk about the automatic budget cuts that will happen if congress fails to come up with a plan by next friday. the cuts could impact hundreds of thousands of jobs and mill ir day and emergency response groups would take a big hit. the president will deliver the marks at 10:45. at the live desk, angie goff, news 4. maryland leaders will urge congress to avoid the sequester. baker and montgomery county
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executive leggett as well as yeoman will come together in rockville to make the appeal. maryland's economy could be devastated by the billions of dollars in potential cuts. a new report backs up those county executives' argument. that report by wells fargo security warns that the entire d.c. area, including virginia and the district is one much regions that could be hurt the most. it authors say the government spending makes up about 20%f our local economy, defense spending makes up almost 10% of our economy. a disgraced politician asking for a second chance in a new ad campaign. plus, even if you're not a sports fan, you have to see this video. the amazing work of a pint-sized player with shocking skills. rain is headed our way. when it will arrive with weather and traffic on the 1s. the concern that hurricane sandy may not be finished
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they're trying in the coastal northeast to clean up the mess after hurricane sandy. spring break and summer months are huge for tourism in new jersey, new york and connecticut. officials say if the beaches and water aren't safe for visitors, the region will lose millions of dollars. new jersey officials will use federal aid to pay for divers and cranes to pick up debris like cars, furniture, even houses and amusement park rides. still a big clean-up there al after all that time. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here now with our forecast. >> good morning. temperatures not as cold as yesterday. we're in the 30s, near 40 degrees in parts of prince george's county. arlington, fairfax, mid and upper 30s. we do have precipitation getting closer to us. storm team 4 radar showing a little bit of wet snow central, southern shenandoah valley. farther north of us, panhandle
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of west virginia, that pink zone getting a mix of snow and some sleet. that's going to be passing north of the metro area. hour by hour through the day. have an umbrella handy. rain coming in off and on by mid-afternoon. by then, we should be in the upper 40s. seven-day outlook in ten minutes. a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. travel i-95 in maryland. northbound at powder mill road. report of an accident off to the right shoulder lane. bw parkway in maryland. between the beltway and capitol beltway. travel lanes open in both directions. d.c. 295 as you make the commute from the beltway in oxon hill and continuing all the way towards bw parkway in green belt. that drive will take you six minutes. in both directions, you're picking up volume. no accidents or major delays just yet. danella, thank you. all eyes on katherine this morning. the event that brings her out of hiding. plus the duchess may want to listen to this story. the drink that could impact a
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baby's weight at birth. hillary clinton won't be hurting for cash. what she'll be doing post politics. the breaking news at this hour. the breaking news at this hour. a major house fire in
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more now on the breaking news in bowie. chopper 4 over a house fire there. tony tull just pulled up a few moments ago. what are we learning? >> reporter: the guy that was inside, he got out. take a look at the scene. this house absolutely, completely destroyed. you can see the back half of the house is gone. firefighters still putting a lot of water on the house to make sure the hotspots are out. there are two houses on either side, both of those houses sustained damage. but, again, there was one person inside. a want to bring you chief bay shore. you and i were talking. the gentleman in this house, one of the reasons you check smoke detectors is a reason this guy got out. >> i'm convinced he's alive today because of the smoke alarm and his neighbors woke him up. >> you guys got the call around 4:58. you got here, started putting the fire out. any preliminary idea why the fire started sm. >> no idea. as you can see, most of the house is collapsed into the basement. the only thing left is that
6:17 am
front brick wall and some of the sides. they'll start work on it right away, get to all the information. >> as for the other two houses that are adjacent, how badly damaged are those? >> both -- the siding is melted on both of them. they protected both of those homes. chief, we know you're busy. thanks for the time and the information. guys, take another look at this. you can see this house is just completely destroyed. all that's left is pretty much the brick front part of this and some of the siding. you can see firefighters still there putting multiple hoses on this fire to make sure that the hotspots are out. but we're going to continue -- >> we'll have another report later. crews are expected to begin inspecting the arlington memorial bridge. inspectors will look on the concrete on the bridge deck. only one lane open from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. all lanes should be back open for the morning and evening rush. the inspection could last until march depending on the weather.
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don't expect hillary clinton to stay out of the spotlight for long. the former secretary of state will begin giving paid speeches later this year. she'll be compensated pretty well too. she could bring in $200,000 for each speech in the u.s. as much as $750,000 in asia or the middle east. clinton will reportedly speak for free on behalf half of causes she supports. she'll donate earnings to charity as well. plenty of mark sanford in the coming weeks. >> more recently, i've experienced how none of us go through life without mistakes. but in their wake, we can learn a lot about grace, a god of second chances and be the better for it. >> the former south carolina governor is now running for congress in the palmetto state. this is his first ad in which he asks for a second chance after the scandal that tarnished his political career. if you remember, he vanished for several days while serving as governor four years ago. at first he claimed he was hiking the appalachian trail.
6:19 am
he later admitted he was in argentina with his mistress. sanford will appear on the tonight show -- the "today" show after "news4 today." a national trend says there is an overload of kindergarten through fifth grade teachers. but a shortage of math, science and special education teachers. in illinois, rather, there are ten teachers every kindergarten through -- in new jersey, they get on average, 5 hundred applicants for every full-time position. the problem is, most teachers aren't qualified to teach in math and science. administrators say colleges and universities need to prepare future teachers based on their communities teachers demands. soon to b moms who love the cup of joe. your caffeine fix could hurt your unborn child. a swedish study found that women who drink coffee during pregnancy are more likely to have small babies and looked at other sources of caffeine like soda and chocolate.
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researchers found a connection between caffeine and low birth weights. it's associated with longer pregnancies. we know the inspiration behind the first lady's hairstyle. she told rachael ray that she is going through a mid life crisis. mrs. obama said she can't get another car and can't bungee jump so she decided to get bangs. she showed it off on her 49th birthday. she said i'm still in charge of this right here. i can control it. he's two feet shorter than many of today's basketball stars. two feet. he's got moves that are impressing even the pros. see the guy with the ball. that is julian newman. he's 11 years old. 4'5". he's the star of the downey christian school in orlando, florida. he's averaging four steals per
6:21 am
game and look at him. he's become a you-tube sensation racking up 2.3 million views and taking it to the hole. his dad says he works hard for the skills watching pistol pete videos and going to the park for practice. he demands that they stay near a court when they travel so he can work on his game. >> he demands. looks awesome. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. here's tom. >> good morning. starting off with temperatures above freezing around the region. we're in the 30s in northern virginia, the district and most of maryland. we're in the mid and upper 30s. most locations. storm team 4 radar showing a little wet snow. way down on the central southern shenandoah valley. farther north, panhandle of west virginia, washington county, alleghany county getting a combination of sleet and wet snow and rain. that's going to be passing well north of the metro area. then likely later this morning, maybe around 9:00, 10:00, we'll get that rain beginning to move into the metro area from the west. by this afternoon, that rain will taper off and end by
6:22 am
mid-afternoon. we'll have highs reaching the upper 40s by then. tomorrow, windy and cold as well as on thursday. friday, does look like a small chance of a wintry mix in the morning changing to rain. highs near 40. off and on rain on saturday. light rain. then sunday, monday, we should warm up. i'm back in ten minutes. a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. in the first 4 traffic office. checking on an earlier crash. shaker drive, it's out of the roadway. your travel lanes are open. let's head to the beltway at route 50. the outer loop is where you'll find chopper 4. a closer look in prince george's county. the outer loop at route 50. inner loop nice and clear. outer loop travel speed picking up volume. no major delays just yet. ten minutes to get toward i-95. checking the beltway in montgomery county, you can see university boulevard, a little more volume but 11 minutes from i-95 to i-270. aaron and eun. thank you, danella.
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a daring heist nets a huge haul in diamond. eight men cut a hole in a security fence at brussels international airport and held up a plane headed for switzerland. they pulled off the robbery in minutes and left behind a burnt-out car. the diamonds are reportedly worth anywhere between $50 million and $470 million. this morning, we're learning burger king might be getting the last laugh after its twitter account was hacked. it picked up a whopping 30,000 new followers. the official twitter account was hacked yesterday and the hacker put up a mcdonald's logo. the person wrote, just got sold to mcdonald's because the whopper flopped. the hack lasted for about an hour. mcdonald's tweeted it had nothing to do with the hacking. some ideas to ease the commute on a notoriously clogged road. the baby bump watch is in full effect this morning. the event that the duchess of cambridge is on her way to right now. breaking news in bowie. a house up in flames.
6:27 am
firefighters still on the scene and they just told us a man inside made it out. an update ahead. if you like it cold, windy and wet. have we got a forecast for you. weather and traffic on the 1s next.
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weaking news. firefighters on the scene of a house fire. firefighters are trying to douse flames. it took an hour to get the flames under control. they're under control on peachtree lane. it is destroyed. fire crews just told our team on the scene there, the smoke detectors and neighbors knocking saved the life of a man inside. we'll bring you an update from the scene just ahead. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. we're watching rain heading in this direction. the good news is it will not be here in time to mess with your commute. meteorologist tom kierein is on the wet they are deck. good morning. >> we have a colorful sunrise under way as the cloud cover is rolling in from the west. not as cold as yesterday morning when it was frigid. generally above freezing throughout the region now. as we look at the radar, storm team 4 radar showing the precipitation moving from the west and it's continuing to track closer to us. right now, there may be a few sprinkles in montgomery county.
6:31 am
the speckles of light green and the areas in pink farther north and west. western washington county. the panhandle of west virginia and alleghany county. may be a little wet snow mixing in with the sprinkles of rain, maybe sleet there too. it's all above freezing most of the region. we're in the mid-30s in montgomery county and it's in the mid and upper 30s prince george's. arlington and fairfax and the district of columbia. hour by hour, in the mid and upper 30s by 9:00 a.m. we ought to have that rain arriving into the metro. light rain through noontime. it should be into the mid-40s. sunrise 6:54. hometown forecast, ashburn in loudoun county. by noontime in the low 40s with some light rain. so grab the umbrella before you head out this morning. it will be a bit breezy too. i'm back in ten minutes with a look at today into tonight. now a look at traffic with danella. good morning. just into the first 4 traffic office. the outer loop approaching connecticut avenue, you can see chopper 4 live over the scene
6:32 am
right now. the crash is on the right shoulder lane. emergency response, they're blocking two of your right lanes will. so two left lanes will get you by the accident. you can see more emergency response workers pulling up to the accident. let's talk about delays outer loop of the beltway. as you approach connecticut avenue, a live look at colesville road, jammed. past georgia avenue, still jammed to connecticut avenue. also seeing delays if you're traveling along 66 at 234. delays here continue eastbound to centreville. past there, not so bad making your way toward the beltway. i'm back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, over to you. 6:32 now. alexandria police are trying to determine what led to an officer-involved shooting that killed a former marine. police checked out a domestic violence call yesterday afternoon in a town house on duke street in alexandria. when officers arrived, they found taft sellers armed with a gun. officers are not sure how this
6:33 am
shooting started but it ended with sellers' death. we talked with his sister tammy sellers. she last spoke with her brother on sunday. >> when i got from church, i called and asked him how he was doing. because we normally talk every day. laughing, joking with each other. he said he was fine. i told him i love him. he said he loved me. that's the last time incompetent heard from my brother. >> sellers finished military service in 2007 after serving overseas. the officers involved in the shooting have been put on administrative leave during the investigation, which is standard procedure. >> today vice president joe biden will log on for an online town hall. the vp will take questions about how to reduce gun violence in the country. the vice president is leading the administration's efforts to reduce gun violence since the shooting massacre at sandy hook elementary school. the event will be streamed live on the magazine's facebook page and on the white house website. connecticut police are refuting new reports on adam lanza's
6:34 am
motive behind the sandy hook shooting. a cbs news report suggest that lanza was competing with anders breivik, the man responsible for killing 77 people in norway two years ago. police say it's speculation and they're still collecting evidence to put together a motive. connecticut state police say they hope to complete their report by june. >> officials at new york's laguardia airport say they arrested tampa bay defensive end bowers yesterday. he tried to board a plane with a loaded gun in his luggage. tsa agents found the gun and immediately took him into custody. the bucs have yet to comment on the arrest ziefrnt the clock is ticking for virginia lawmakers trying to reach a deal on legislation to fund much-needed transportation project. five delegate and five senators are meeting to reconcile two different bills. republicans want to use more sales tax for revenue for transportation. democrats want some of virginia's gas tax to remain in place. lawmakers hope to have a deal in
6:35 am
place by the time the general assembly adjourns on saturday imagine now nice it would be to have an extra lane or two on easing congestion on the always crowded interstate. other suggestions include extending metro, light rail and vre service from vienna to hay market and providing more electronic signs to offer alternate routes. 6:35. new this morning, a local apartment complex leaves dozens homeless. what investigators are saying about this. a lot of green from the red lights. which ones are raking in the most money. rain is on the way. when you'll need the umbrella. weather and traffic ahead on the 1s. that's why nasa says don't expect to see anything like this unless you plan to live a long, long time.
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i'm angie goff at the live desk.
6:39 am
the big reveal happening right now. kate middleton showing off that baby bump at her first royal event since announcing her pregnancy in december. wearing a nice fitted gray dress. i guess you can see a little something there. we all want to see it, right? the duchess is visiting a drug recovery center in london. this kicks off her return to public duties until the baby arrives in july. at the live desk, angie goff, news 4. >> i love that they call it a baby bump. that's what i look like after a night of eating pasta. she's so thin. that's crazy. she looks very nice, though. let's talk about the meteorite. that was a once in a lifetime event in russia. nasa says it's the largest neat right to enter earth's atmosphere in more than a century. scientists estimate that space rock weighed about 10,000 tons, released 500 kilo tons of energy. 30 times larger than the nuclear bomb dropped on hiroshima. it hurt more than a thousand people, damaged close to 4,000 buildings. >> all right. let's check in with tom kierein
6:40 am
now to find out what our forecast is doing out there. good morning. >> good morning. it's about the last we'll see of the sun before sunset. may see it again around sunsetment between now and then, a lot of clouds rolling in. live from the city camera on this tuesday morning, back to work and school. no precipitation locally i. but there is some moving in from waynesboro. a combination of rain, maybe mixing in with a little sleet and wet snow in the frederick county, northern loudoun. panhandle of west virginia. washington county, western maryland. this is heading off to the east. the northern suburbs, might have a few sprinkles moving through over the next hour or so. the bulk of the rain not arriving until mid-morning. off and on light rain all the way into mid-afternoon. then by late afternoon, right around sunset, we may see that sun again as we begin to clear out. temperatures before then should be reaching the upper 40s. bit of a blustery wind through the day as well.
6:41 am
your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. here's danella with a look at traffic. >> here's an update on the beltway crash. chopper 4 is flying over the outer loop at connecticut avenue. it's moved to the right shoulder lane. we'll talk about delays if you're traveling the beltway this morning in montgomery county. you're heavy on the brakes at new hampshire avenue. solid delays on three miles, bumper to bumper as far as general congestion, a five-mile backup on the beltway. as you make your commute, expect to hit solid delays around university boulevard and that continues towards connecticut avenue. hopefully it should be clearing soon. that accident moved to the shoulder lane. along i-95 northbound, heavy on the brakes at lorton. your delays out of quantico under underspeed. the drive to the beltway, under 30. tony tull live on the scene of breaking news in bowie with new info. tony? >> reporter: look at the house right now. now that there's a little bit of daylight, you can see how extensive the damage is.
6:42 am
this home destroyed in bowie. the two houses on the sides of had house were also sustained damage. you can take a look here. you can see that the siding is melted and chief bay shore told me a couple minutes ago that sthe these house wrs minutes away from going up in flames as well. this house was built one year prior to the requirement for sprinklers. that is one devastating fact for this homeowner. do want to say that there was a working smoke detector in this house. that was one of the reasons this gentleman was able to get out. i want to bring you kevin pollen, the next door neighbor of this home here. take a look at this. you can see this propane tank on the side of the road. they were getting this out of the house next door so it didn't explode. kevin, i want you to tell me about the scene when you first came out here. >> pretty much, it started off as a small fire and then it started growing and growing like in a matter of seconds. when we noticed that, all the neighbors started working
6:43 am
together and started to move things, things that were dangerous, waking up everybody, telling them to move their cars. we're glad that everybody was safe. the neighborhood worked together to make sure everybody was safe and was well aware of what was going on. >> one of the key things, when they worked together, although this gentleman had a smoke detector in his house, there were neighbors banging on his house. >> there was a neighbor coming up. and he started knocking on his door to let him know that i see small flames in your house. the neighbor woke up, he said wow. he told him look just get out the house and we'll try to move things and help you out as quick as we can. >> aaron, this is a small community but everybody here is closely knit. talk about this guy in the house. you were telling me he's a great guy, always entertaining folks in the neighborhood. >> he's a really great guy, very nice guy. all the young people here in the neighborhood, when we're walking to school, coming to work, he'll sit and talk to you. really great guy.
6:44 am
>> kevin, thanks a lot for your time. one more live look at the extensive damage to this home. fire investigators will be on the scene for quite some time to figure out how this started. the gentleman inside is okay. they're attending to him. again, he got out because they -- he had a working smoke detector. that's the latest from bowie. back to you. >> thankfully, good neighbors. tony tull, thanks. new had morning, 60 people are without a home because of another fire. this is cell phone video sent by a viewer showing the fire in prince william county that happened before 11:00 last night in manassas. nearly 100 firefighters were called to the scene but had to quickly back down after part of the roof collapsed. two were taken to the hospital as a precaution. a resident is also in the hospital for smoke inhalation. the cause of that fire is under investigation. firefighters believe it caused about $300,000 worth of damage. 16 before the hour. autopsy results may offer new information about a woman found dead in an apartment fire in reston. last night, investigators
6:45 am
searched a car at the scene near the reston town center. they took pictures that may be used as evidence in the homicide and fire investigation. police believe somebody killed the woman inside the waterside apartments. this was in the 12,000 block of waterside view drive early yesterday morning. police say the victim had trauma to her upper body. prince george's county police are investigating the murder of a suitland high school student in broad daylight. megan mcgrath is live at the high school now with more. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. it's become an all too familiar sight. grief counselors inside a prince george's county school helping students cope with the violent death of a classmate. this time, those counselors are going to be inside suitland high school following the murder of a 15-year-old freshman. this is the fifth student killed in the county so far this school year. emotions were running high as relatives heard the news and rushed to the scene yesterday afternoon to try to get more
6:46 am
information from police. this happened in broad daylight. police say the 15-year-old student was found lying on the ground near the intersection of kenton place and 28th avenue in hillcrest heights. the student's aunt says that he was not a trouble maker. he wasn't a kid that had trouble with the law or trouble with other people in the neighborhood. they're wondering whether maybe he was targeted because of the new shoes he was wearing. >> he was a nice little boy. respectful. didn't get into no fights, to trouble, nothing. little lover boy. he had a little girlies -- he go to school, he don't -- you know, little rough boys around here and little jealous because he got inninthings and they don't. >> investigators say they have some leads in this case. they're not elaborating beyond that, though. at this point, no word on any arrests. reporting live from suitland high school. megan mcgrath, news 4.
6:47 am
back to you. megan, thank you. opening statements begin in the trial of a prince george's county man police describe as one of the most dangerous in the county's history. jason scott is accused of killing a woman and her daughter in 2009. police consider him a person of interest in three other murders, including the killings of another mother and daughter. he's already serving 100 years in prison for a series of crimes including burglaries, home invasions and sexual assault of a minor. 6:47 now. we expect a decision within minutes over whether olympian oscar pistorius will be granted bail. a judge decided he will face a charge of premeditated murder. pistorius sobed as he heard the decision red aloud. new clues as to what may have happened between pistorius and his girlfriend. several papers are saying they're investigating an ipad between -- another paper is reporting the defense may argue pistorius was experiencing roid rage from taking
6:48 am
performance-enhancing drugs. pistorius was entering court this morning and a memorial service was beginning for his girlfriend. friends and family gathered for a funeral for steenkamp in port elizabeth. several mourners expressed fear about the possibility that pistorius could be released. seven american lawmakers are in cuba asking for the release of a maryland man. alan gross serving a 15-year sentence this for spying. he says he was bringing internet access to jewish communities there. chris van hollen and six others will meet with cuban leaders to get gross freed. they say his release is the only way to improve ties between the two countries. president obama will make an urgent plea no lawmakers to help avert the sequestration. if automatic budget cuts take effect, some could lose jobs. congress has until next friday to reach a deal. lawmakers aren't even in washington this week. they're taking a break planned
6:49 am
months ago. some maryland leaders will try to avoid the sequester. prince george's county executive baker, leggett and howard county executive ollman will come together to make the appeal. maryland's economy could be devastated by the billions of dollars in potential cuts. this morning, we're learning our area is among the regions that could be hurt the most by the sequester. that's according to a report by wells fargo securities. the authors say government spending makes up about 20% of our local economy. defense spending alone makes up almost 10% of our economy. it's now up to governor bob mcdonnell to decide. it is now up to governor bob mcdonnell to decide whether parents will be able to access facebook accounts after they've died. the virginia senate gave final approval to a bill allowing parents or legal guardians to access media accounts once a minor has died. this was prompted by a central
6:50 am
virginia couple whose teenage son took his own life. they hope to find answers about his suicide from his facebook page. they were locked out because of federal privacy laws. >> horrified that the internet industry and the social media industry could take our rights away to even look for something. >> facebook calls instances like that tragic situations. the company says it always tries to help families as much as possible without breaking federal and state laws. >> an office supply super deem. rivals are in merger talks. seema mody has the details. >> good morning. another big name merger in the works. office max and office depot have been in talks since late last year and a deal could be announced later this week. the office supply combo is aimed at taking on larger rival staples. analysts have long called for consolidation in the market which saw sales crumble during the financial crisis. office supply chains are
6:51 am
struggling to stay relevant as consumers are increasingly buying their paper shall toner and other items online or at big box stores like walmart. another story we're watching. best buy plans to make price matching guarantee a permanent feature starting in march. the move is part of an effort to stop showrooming or when consumers check out items on stores and buy them online elsewhere. best buy will match all local competitors and 19 major web retailers, including amazon and on nearly every item bought in its stores or from it website. that's the latest. back to you. seema mody. thank you. we know that some storms are moving in. this picture behind us, that's a live picture of the sun mixing had with the clouds. tom kierein is here. take a second to take that in. it's gorgeous. >> a fiery flaming sunrise coming in. that's about the last we'll see of the sun this morning as the clouds are closing in. there's a brief beautiful show there.
6:52 am
live view from the hd city camera. right now, at reagan national airport, which is in the foreground, it's at 38 degrees with those high dlouds cloud moving in. elsewhere, it's mostly above freezing around the region. we have it in the mid and upper 30s. most of northern virginia, including arlington fairfax counties. upper 30s in montgomery county as well as prince george's county. farther west, though, it's dipped down to the upper 20s in martinsburg and toward cumberland. they're getting a wintry precipitation mix there. paragraph they are south, from waynesboro south, southern shenandoah valley, southwestern parts of west virginia and the -- getting wet snow there. the closest precipitation right now is north of leesburg. then across the potomac into frederick county, getting light rain. in the pink zone, sleet with rain. wet snowflakes in the higher elevations. hagerstown west toward cumberland. generally dry sky through 8:00.
6:53 am
from the west. grab an umbrella before you head off to work and school this morning. here are the highs expected around the region. maybe near 50 through north central virginia and the mid-40s in washington. farther north and west as well. in the mid-40s to upper 40s for highs later this afternoon. then any rain around should be ending by the time you get back home from work and school. clearing out tonight. windy and colder tomorrow with the sun back. cold and blustery wind on thursday and sunny. then on friday morning, might have a brief wintry mix changing to chilly rain with highs near 40. storm team 4 seven-day outlook, more light rain on saturday. otherwise, cloudy with highs upper 40s. sun breaking out sunday. mostly sunny on monday. may make it into the mid-50s again. i'm back with frequent updates throughout the "today" show. a look at traffic with danella. good morning. checking on a water main break. edsall road, it's closed in both directions between van dorn street and south reynolds
6:54 am
streetment you can winterview drive connecting back to edsall road. i-95. chopper 4 over i-95 in maryland. this mess is from an earlier crash. it's out of the roadway. but not only is the outer loop in montgomery county jammed but the connection i-95 southbound prior to the beltway, you can see here just jammed. your first set of delays southbound i-95 in maryland heavy on the brakes at powder mill road and then you're slammed as you continue southbound towards the beltway. aaron? >> danella, thank you. more delays are coming. get ready for it on the arlington memorial bridge today. crews are expected to start inspecting the concrete on the bridge deck. that could leave only one lane open in each direction from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. all lanes should be back open for the morning and evening rush. the inspection could last until march depending on the weather. 6:54 now. we're helping you avoid hefty
6:55 am
fines and stay safe on the way to work. we took a look at which red light cameras generate the most money. here's what it found. >> lehigh way and -- a quarter million dollars in 2011. in montgomery county, river road and wilt sen lane brought in $30030,000 in tickets. it was the camera on pointer ridge and route 301, prince george's county biggest revenue generator. alexandria, the camera at patrick and gibbons street, brought in more than $370,000. the camera in the district making the most money located on south capitol street near i street southwest. it brought in more than $740,000. you can see a complete list of red light cameras in our area and how much money they make by going to our website, you'll see a link to the story on the main page. 6:55. a d.c. council member will introduce emergency legislation that will crackdown on the sale
6:56 am
of stolen cell phones. council member tommy wells wants to give the mayor authority to close any business found sell stolen phones. the stores will be closed for 72 thunder showers. their owners could then appeal before a public hearing. if approved, that emergency legislation would remain in effect for 90 days. wells also proposing giving d.c. police unlimited access to private security cameras in the district to fight crime. he plans to introduce a bill allowing spers to see video feeds in real time like this one aimed at city streets and alice. the aclu has a problem with letting police track people for any reason. new this morning, at least nine people are dead and dozens more injured when a helicopter crashed into a busy square in the capital of yemen. check out this video taken moments after the crash. the helicopter crash into a large building that houses residents and shops. the death toll is expected to rise. no word on what caused that crash. angie goff has breaking news at the live desk. this is breaking news out of
6:57 am
syria. we got this new video of the destruction left behind after a syrian army rocket attack kills 20 people. 25 others are still missing. the area hit is a rebel controlled part of aleppo. the blast brought down three buildings and people are reportedly still buried in the rubble. you can see from the view that the search continues for survivors. back to you. angie, thank you. that is "news4 today." thank you for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with weather and traffic and breaking news. we're back here tomorrow morning at 4:28. hope you join us then. hope ymy mom doesn't drink starbucks coffee because she thinks it's too dark, and so i brought her some blonde roast. she loves it now. "my son made me this coffee," "you should try it, it's delicious." ♪
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and some people found that a little bit strong.

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